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Porr Bau GmbH is qualified for the planning, design and implementation of construction services of all kinds. Member of the Austrian Chambers of Commerce, Construction Industry Division. For further information on our rules under trade and professional law can be obtained from the Internet, Law Information System, at

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Privacy policy

Welcome to the website of Porr Bau GmbH. If you visit this website, data will be collected, as this is technically unavoidable. However, the protection of your data is important to us and we would like to inform you on the following pages, what kind of data is collected and used when you visit our website.
Web server logs
When you visit our website, the server on which our website is located (hereinafter referred to as ‘web server’) collects and logs certain information about you automatically, such as your IP address, the date, time of day and the amount of data transmitted during your visit as well as sub-pages of our website you visited, the website you visited right before, the browser you used (e.g. Internet Explorer), your operating system (e.g. Windows 7) or the domain name and the address of your internet provider (e.g. 1&1).
Some companies of our group (e.g. Teerag-Asdag AG) use the so-called ‘cookie technology’ on their websites. A cookie is information which the web servers sends to your computer (where it is filed in your browser directory) as soon as you visit the website.
Cookies are used for the following:
Session Cookies
These cookies, that ensure that the data you entered during a session remains intact, exist until you end your internet session and close your browser completely. These cookies contain no personal data, they are not consolidated with any personal data and they are only used for statistic analyses.
Third-party cookies on our websites
Third parties are not allowed to place cookies on your computer via our website.
Blocking and/or monitoring of cookies
You can block, display and remove cookies from your computer. The respective method depends on the browser you use. If you alter or block cookies in your browser it is possible that you might not be able to use all functions of our website.
Collecting, processing, utilisation and transmission of personal data
Only you can decide if you want to transmit personal data to us. With the exception of the above mentioned web server logs, we only collect your personal data if you transmit it to us in order to use one of the services we provide (e.g. queries). This data is processed and/or used exclusively for the execution of the respective service. Your data might be forwarded companies within our group if this step is necessary to answer your query. It is also possible that we have to hire a service provider to provide the respective service (e.g. dispatching information material). However, none of your personal data will be transmitted to third parties.
The following contains further information regarding our website(s):
International data transfer

The data generated by your visit to our website(s) will be processed on servers located in the European Union or the European Economic Area (EU/EAA).
Please note that transmissions of data via the internet are not encrypted and therefore it is possible, that this data can be intercepted and used by third parties. Therefore you can contact us by mail and telephone at any time.
Children and adolescents
Children and adolescents are not allowed to transmit personal data via the internet without parental consent.
Links to other websites
Our websites may include links to other websites (e.g. websites of other companies of the PORR group). Please note that the privacy policies from this website do not apply to these other websites. We recommend visiting these sites directly to receive all relevant information regarding privacy policies, security, data collection and regulations regarding data sharing. PORR AG is not liable for the contents of these websites or the respective websites’ measures and regulations.
Your contact regarding privacy policies
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As of June 2013
Please note that this policy can be supplemented or changed in the future due to legal requirements. Please visit our website for up-to-date information regarding the latest version of our privacy policy.